Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Royal Rangers

Royal Ranger leaders

It was an exciting week for the Bulembu children as they went “Royal Ranging” at a new campsite established for the program. The camp has been established in a stunning part of a forest near a steady flowing stream.

Royal Rangers is a Christian-based scouting and discipleship program. It has been introduced to the kids as an extra-mural of Bulembu Christian Academy. Children are embracing the program as they learn scouting, camping and leadership skills. Royal Ranger also provides them with a safe environment to tackle the tough issues that come with growing up.

The national leaders of the Royal Rangers program in South Africa are Gerhard and Tammy Uys. They have been involved in training up leaders and running camps all over South Africa. They have been instrumental in establishing the program in Bulembu.

This fall the children in the program were assigned to a team of eight fellow Rangers. There were approximately 12 teams this time around. Each team was tasked with establishing their own team camping area. They were trained to build their own shelter, fire table and picnic table as they had to cook their own meals. Other activities included first aid classes, learning how to tie knots, making different fires, learning how to use a compass and identifying certain trees and indigenous plant life. 

They also had a wonderful time singing songs around the campfire at night. The highlight for the children was the spiritual fire evening where the Royal Ranger leaders performed a skit. This year the highlight was a huge heart that was lit to show God’s love for the children. The evening ended with an intense time of prayer and ministry. God touched the lives of many!
I asked Gerhard if he sees potential for Royal Rangers and he said: “Yes, big time. I have seen the kids the way they are. They are naughty but very lovable. Many of the kids are really bright and need a chance to reach their full potential; and this program gives them the opportunity to do so..

Royal Rangers is just one avenue to teach leadership skills. It is giving the kids in the Child Care Program an opportunity to grow individually and as a part of a team. We look forward to next year’s camps!
Gerhard & Tammy
One of the campsites
A fire table
Gerhard & kids having fun

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