Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dairy Expansion

Expanding the Bulembu Dairy pastures are the order of the day. Over the last year, the dairy has really shown tremendous success.  It has proven to be a sustainable and successful business, which is exactly the culture that Bulembu is trying to cultivate. Due to the growing herd of jersey cows and the future prediction of another further 100 over the next few months, the Bulembu Dairy  is increasing its pastures. An area of grassland has been cleared in the village and is currently being prepared for planting, which is scheduled to proceed in the next four weeks. Two grass types are going to be planted, Rye and Kikuyu grass, which will produce luscious fields for the new herd. Both grass types grow well in the Bulembu’s type of climate and will provide the cattle with part of the nutrition that they require. By expanding the herds and pastures, Bulembu Dairy will significantly increase its profit, adding needed funds to the community for future growth.

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