Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Full of Beans

Bulembu lodge cappuccino
The fresh smell of peculated coffee is an inviting smell that greets you when you are in close proximity to Bulembu Lodge. If you ever come to visit Bulembu, you will be able to have the best cup of coffee in Swaziland!

I visited the Lodge to see how they have mastered the art of making coffee, and I must say I was impressed. Sibosiso, the Lodge manager, stood confidently behind the coffee machine, while he explained to me how to make a cappuccino and how the coffee machine works.

The coffee machine was purchased in February 2009 and from then on, was visited by all who live in Bulembu. A barista from the UK came out to Bulembu to teach the Lodge staff how to use the coffee machine and make good coffee. 

We use a three coffee bean blend from Avanti CafĂ©, which we buy from Elite Food Suppliers in Mbabane. The beans are poured into a blender-looking container and the beans are ground to a specific texture. The ground coffee powder is poured into a small black cup and the powder is then tapped - tapped meaning compressed. As the hot water seeps through the ground coffee powder, the brewing process occurs, which amplifies the coffee aroma. The texture of the ground coffee, and how the coffee powder is tapped, affects the taste of the coffee. It is, therefore, really important to find the perfect balance between the two, in order to make the best well-brewed coffee. 

Four years ago the Bulembu Country Lodge offered only a few different meals and standard coffee and tea. But as progress is constantly being made through service and product improvement, more people are noticing and enjoying all the Lodge has to offer. Although a cup of coffee seems like a small change, if you were to pick one up on your way to work, you would agree, it is a great step forward.  

Brewed coffee pouring into mugs

Bulembu lodge cappuccino

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