Monday, October 4, 2010

Dairy Development

Bulembu Jersey Cow

As we roll into October the Bulembu Dairy continues to prove that converting the town golf course into a community dairy, was a step in a great direction.  Bulembu Dairy currently has a herd of 78 Jersey cows, 39 of which are ‘in milk’.  Schalk de Klerk, the new dairy manager has  increased milk production to 21.4 liters per cow per day from 14 liters, which has pushed overall milk production up to 820 L per day. This is outstanding output compared to dairy farms across Swaziland.

Milking takes place twice a day at 5:00 AM and at 4:00PM.  Seven dairy workers make sure that cows are milked and fed at specific times each day.

One of the primary motivators for establishing Bulembu Dairy was to supply children in the Child Care Program with milk and dairy based products at a reduced cost. Due to the increase in milk production we have exceeded original expectations.  Not only are we producing enough milk to serve our Child Care needs, but the rest of the Bulembu community are able to purchase locally produced milk products as competitive prices.  As well, we have been able to increase our market share outside of Bulembu and are now supplying an extra 14,000L of milk based products into the Swaziland market per month. The Bulembu store in Piggs Peak is our primary point of product distribution and is contributing just over 50% of the sales.

Future expansion of the dairy will include a goat herd which will supply to the child care program. The prime reason for taking on the goat project is to replace the formula for the lactose intolerant babies. 

Cows are fed while being milked.

Cows being milked.
This is where the milk is collected after milking.

Dairy pastures.
Dairy pastures.

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