Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sweet As Honey

Packaged Bulembu Honey
Bulembu honey is definitely beginning to build up a great reputation for its honey and is in high demand with the local people of Swaziland and foreigners who visit Bulembu. The honey department  harvests around 11 tons of honey per year and now has just under 1,000 hives. The aim is to decrease the number of total hives and increase the productivity of each hive to continue to meet the demand. It is a bit of a challenge protecting the honey from honey badgers and other thieves when there are so many hives to keep and eye on.

This year a number of aloe trees have been planted around the hives so that production of honey can continue without artificial food even during the off-season. This will definitely boost production as Bulembu Honey is supplying local retailers, hotels, lodges and is beginning to tap into the South African market as well. Although this year has had numerous challenges with the harvesting season (excessive rain, high winds, etc) there is still tons to be excited about – including more of that honey that everyone is talking about. 

Hive boxes 

Honey department

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