Friday, February 5, 2010

Done Like Dinner

Perched on the side of a mountain on the far side of town, the Dvudvusi Central Dining Room has been completed and is open for business. Hosting nearly fifty children each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner the Central Dining Room was built to streamline the Orphan Care Program's feeding process and to create a more efficient use of resources. 

"When we were serving meals to the children the houses there was no room for us to cook or eat the meals," explains Gennie Falcon, Manager of the Dvudvusi Orphan Homes. "This dining room was a necessity because we did not have the capacity to serve food to any more children that would move into our homes - but now we do."

The communal eating and washing-up areas allow the children to interact with other kids from different houses. The building, with it's vaulted ceilings and spacious interior, is also used for rainy day activities and movie nights.

The dining hall has the capacity to serve 200 children and as the Orphan Care Program continues to expand so too will the amount of children the Dining Hall serves each day. "It's neat being in the Dining Room - it's inspiring to see the space that will eventually house the realized vision the Orphan Care Program has for Dvudvusi," says Gennie. "When you're here it is easy to picture 200 kids laughing, eating and growing together."

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