Thursday, February 11, 2010

Big Things In Store

Current storefront of the soon-to-be Bulembu Store.

In early 2010 Bulembu secured a lease agreement for a retail location in Piggs Peak – the soon-to-be home of Bulembu Store. Located opposite the local hospital and on one of the main transportation routes that connects South Africa to the main business centers of Swaziland, Bulembu Store is an ideal distribution point for Bulembu products.

Slated to open on March 1, 2010, Bulembu Store will sell maas (sour milk), milk, cream, yogurt, brown and white bread, bread rolls, doughnuts, Swazi buns, scones, mielie-meal, seedlings, honey and bottled water.

While a pilot project, the goal is to sell between 400-500 loaves of bread, 400 liters of milk based products and 50-100 bags of mielie-meal at the Bulembu Store each day.
The interior of Bulembu Store is currently under renovation.

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