Monday, November 9, 2009

Smartie Boxes Didn't Always Look So Smart

Dvudvusi row gets a facelift

More children + more house moms = more BMS Orphan Homes.

It's a simple equation but as the BMS Orphan Care Program expands and numbers increase so too does the need for new Orphan Homes. Anyone who has been to Bulembu has seen the final product - a clean, bright home with a tiled washroom, full kitchen and orderly bunk beds. But how many have seen where these homes began? 

With the Swazi 1000 descending on Bulembu in less than three weeks, BMS is ramping up to put a team of young people to work rennovating eight houses on the Dvudvusi hill. Here is a look at one house, Dvudvusi 386, before it goes under the knife (note it's roofless state).

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  1. Just took a tour of Bulembu today and the place is so peaceful and tranquil, love it!