Thursday, November 5, 2009

Get Served

On May 8, 2009 ground was broken on the new Central Dining Room up on Smartie-box Mountain by the Dvudvusi BMS Orphan Homes. The Central Dining Room (CDR) is a building which centralizes the feeding program in Bulembu. This allows breakfast and dinner to be served to BMS’ children in one place instead of having to deliver separate parcels of food to all the different houses.

“Right now it is a logistical nightmare to take food for 150 kids, divide it into 20 parcels and take it to 20 different houses,” says Rolly Anderson, BMS Director of Community Service. “The CDR will streamline the feeding process.”

Beyond the building being a centralized feeding station the CDR has the capacity to hold functions for the 180 children that will eventually be up in the Dvudvusi Orphan Homes. “It is a multipurpose structure,” Anderson says. “The kids can come and do homework here after school, they can watch movies projected up on the big walls, or they can have a place to come play inside on rainy days.”

Structurally the CDR is now complete but BMS is waiting on a shipment of tables and chairs to complete the project. The shipment is expected to arrive in mid-December and the first meal is slated to be served by Christmas. 


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