Monday, May 23, 2011

Good News From BI

Dear Friends of Bulembu,

By now we trust you have had a chance to read and process
the letter sent several days ago outlining the scaling back of
Bulembu International’s (BI) partnership with Bulembu
Ministries Swaziland (BMS).  Many of you have taken time to
send words of encouragement and I want to thank you for
caring so deeply for our family, staff, directors, the Bulembu
community, and Swaziland.

The BI Board of Directors met last week and unanimously
expressed their unwavering commitment to the well-being and
future of the children in Bulembu.   A scaled back Bulembu
International will continue to provide ongoing financial
support for the orphaned and vulnerable children being
cared for through Bulembu’s Child Care Program. In
addition, private funding has been secured to cover the
administration costs associated with operating BI to ensure that
100% of your donations will go directly towards caring for the
children in Bulembu.

BI continues to affirm the integrity with which BMS manages

our donations and the effectiveness with which the Bulembu
Child Care Program (child care, education, medical) is
operated.  The children are well cared for and loved, they are
receiving an excellent education, and they are being given
hope and a future.

I would like to encourage you to follow the lead of BI's Board

of Directors and give generously to Bulembu's Child Care
Program.  To make a donation, please visit Bulembu reStore
(  If you are currently a Child 
Sponsor, monthly or annual donor, your donations will be
directed towards the care of the children as the team in
Bulembu seeks to raise up a new generation of Swazi leaders.
If you have any questions or wish to discontinue your pre-
authorized monthly donations, please contact Jan Quiring
( or 778-288-7411).

What has been accomplished to date in Bulembu is truly

remarkable.  On behalf of Bulembu International, thank you
for your commitment and support.  We pray each of you will
continue to be a blessing to this community.

With much gratitude,

Volker Wagner 
Executive Director

Bulembu International

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