Monday, March 7, 2011

Brian Stuckert and the Mine Rehab

Brian Stuckert is the President of the Remediation Division of Quantum Murray, a Canadian Industrial Decommissioning  company who is  providing  services for the  Bulembu mine rehabilitation project. . While he was visiting Bulembu with his family in January, I was able to ask him a few questions:

What is your task in Bulembu?

In 2008, I became involved with a plan to rehabilitate the tailings area on the mine site.  I came to Bulembu for the first time in October 2008 and since then we have developed the plan.  One of our General Superintendents, Ron Bosel, has been here a couple times to do some surveying and layout work with Colin Cotterrell and the operator to begin the mine reclamation process, which started in October 2010.

How did you hear about Bulembu?

I heard about Bulembu through Marc Dumerton, a board member of Bulembu International. We are in the same business group and he did a presentation on Bulembu about two years after he got involved with the start-up of Bulembu.   I run a contracting business that reclaims old mine and industrial sites, so it was a really good fit for us to get involved. It felt natural to get involved.

What are you planning to plant on the mine dump?

The plan originally was to reshape the tailings area to be physically stable in the long term , cover the tailings with native soils  and to vegetate the area with a species for grazing so that it doesn’t erode and provides for beneficial land use. Now a portion of the tailings area will be flattened and used for greenhouses, which will provide further long term benefits to the Bulembu community.

How is it going so far?

So far it’s going really well, but a little slower than we might do a project in North America. There are limitations, but we are progressing while working within those limitations.

How long will it take to complete?

It’s probably going to be between 12 -18 months, depending on the weather.  If more equipment is put on site it will go faster. At the moment, we have one bulldozer and a couple of other pieces of equipment that are being mobilized.

When are you coming out to Bulembu again?

Our  senior superintendant, Ron Bozel, will probably be out in April.  I will probably come  a few months after that to review progress and modify plans as required.

Has your trip been fun so far?

This trip has been a lot of fun. My wife and daughter have joined me for the first time. I have four children, 3 boys who are 29, 29 and 24, and my daughter, the youngest at 18. This trip is a little more like a vacation, not like the previous trips. Three years ago we went to Tanzania to work in orphanages and it is great to travel to Africa again as a family.

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