Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Solomon Mamba - a 2010 Christmas Interview

Meet Solomon Mamba, the last in our 2010 Christmas Interview series.  Solomon is the Bulembu Stores Manager. Stores is the central distribution hub for goods purchased for Bulembu. He has been the stores manager for six months and has been tasked with making stores more efficient. 

How are you going to be celebrating an African Christmas?
I usually celebrate Christmas with my family, but they are going away on holiday so this year I’ll be here in Bulembu. They are coming back after Christmas and then we will be going to Nelspruit, South Africa. 
What do you enjoy most about Christmas?
It’s family time. Everyone in the family meets and then we go to church. It’s different when everybody is here, it feels different.

What is your favorite Christmas Carol?
Joy to the World.

Have you experienced a white Christmas before?
Not at all.

What do you think it is like?
It would be boring, compared to what we normally have here.

What was a highlight for you in 2010?
For me personally it was being transferred from the forestry department to stores.

What are you looking forward to next year?
Improving the stores department. 

What has been the biggest change in Bulembu in the last year?
The biggest change was the construction of the Hospitality Training Centre and the opening of the Bakery.

What is the biggest challenge you face in the year ahead?
To improve the communication in the departments, that is the biggest challenge. If the communication isn’t happening within the different departments then it makes our job here at stores a difficult one. You need open channels of communications.

What is best about living in Bulembu?
You don’t have to climb into a local taxi or a bus to get to work, you walk to work which is not a long distance.

What do you wish for Christmas for yourself?
A peaceful one.

What do you wish for Christmas for Bulembu?
For peace. I don’t want anyone getting sick or being in an accident.

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