Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sam Ritcher - a 2010 Christmas Interview

Leading up to Christmas, we thought we'd pull together a series of interviews featuring some faces from the community as they talk about the year past, the year ahead and Christmas.  Enjoy.

Sam Richter arrived in Buelembu with his parents in 2005 and has been here eversince. He is 18 years old and attends the Bulembu Christian Academy. I asked Sam how he was going to be celebrating Christmas and what goals he has for 2011. 

How are you going to celebrate and African Christmas?
We usually go out of town and spend time with friends and family. This year we will be doing the same and spending time with my brother and sister in the Manzini area.

What do you enjoy most about Christmas?
For me it’s the  time where friends and family actually get together and have a good time. Birthdays come and go and not many people show up, but on Christmas, everyone is there. Even people who you wouldn’t expect, show up.

Do you have a favorite Christmas carol?
Yes, ‘O Holy Night’

Have you experienced a white Christmas before? What do you think it is like?
No. A friend told me that once he had a Christmas where there was sleet and it was one of the coldest nights ever. You could see small snowflakes falling, that’s how cold it got. I haven’t seen snow yet, only in the movies. But I would love to see snow! Here in Bulembu you have lots of hills to slide down so if it did snow, it would be loads of fun! I think a white Christmas for some of the kids, would be a dream come true. For me in particular it would be a dream come true!

What was a highlight for you in 2010?
The first Royal Rangers camp and then coming back and being so on fire for God and filled with the Holy Spirit.

What are you looking forward to next year?
The basic things. Succeeding in school work. Even the smallest of things like doing your chores and waking up in time for school.  I also feel that God has something big planned ahead for the year.

What has been the biggest change in Bulembu in the last year?
There were two major changes. The changing of the school syllabus from ACE to Cambridge which meant that I had to take new tests and was placed in a different grade. Now, that means I have 4 more years of school before I graduate. I am still excited though!

What is your biggest challenge you face in Bulembu in the year ahead?
It’s got to be school! Math is my big challenge!

What’s best about living in Bulembu?
Well, it’s quietish. Unlike Big Bend where it was constantly noisy with traffic and loud city noises. 

On my way here I thought nothing could live up here in the mountains. How they managed to put all of this together is something else!

 What do you wish for Christmas for yourself..?
Ahhh….hmmm…..a cell phone. 

 What do you wish for Christmas for Bulemu?
To see this place expand nationally and internationally. 

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