Sunday, April 25, 2010

Swaziland Flag Day

Only one week after King Mswati’s birthday, Swaziland is getting ready to celebrate Flag Day.  Today the country celebrates its national flag which symbolizes Swaziland’s royal heritage and long history in the Southern Africa region.  This symbol of national pride proudly adorns everything from socks to t-shirts and is one of the most highly decorated flags of any nation.

The flag, which was officially adopted in 1967 after Swaziland gained its independence from Britain, consists of three horizontal stripes.  There is a blue stripe at the top and bottom separated by a red stripe edged in yellow in the middle.  Placed centrally on the red stripe is a traditional black and white Swazi shield which symbolizes black and white people living together in harmony. The shield lays over two spears and a staff decorated with feather tassels. The blue color of the Swaziland flag stands for peace, while the tassel symbolizes the monarchy (which is one of the few absolute monarchies remaining in the world), and the yellow color represents the mineral wealth of the country. The red symbolizes the battles of the past.

So go to your local Checkers or Pick-n-Pay to purchase a flag show off your Swazi pride. Even if you’re just a visitor to this tiny country with a big heart you’re sure to be welcomed with open arms.  Nibe neluhambo loluphephile!

-Martin Shirk

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