Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let's Break Bread

After much anticipation the Bulembu Bakery opened its doors yesterday afternoon to throngs of eager customers. As the sweet scent of freshly baked bread and scones wafted down the main street Bulembu's managers and workers gathered together to celebrate the first 38 loaves out of the oven. For years the ministries and people in Bulembu have depended on bread deliveries from Piggs Peak - over 45 minutes away on an unreliable dirt road. The construction of the bakery began just over six weeks ago and and since then the building has been gutted, renovated, painted, wired, plumbed, and filled with bakery equipment.  Townspeople are now able to go to the town center, just beyond the old Bulembu Supermarket and purchase a loaf of bread for E6.70. Delicious Chelsea Buns (cinnamon buns), rock buns and rye bread are also currently available. We've got our fingers crossed that the bakery will bust into the doughnut market soon!



  1. May the almighty GOD bless u abundently all u who have contributed to da rennovation of the town!! U all rock guyz, keep up the good spirit!!
    Thanx to the Almighty whom have given u the power to change the impossible to possible!!

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